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Iran Feed Industry Fact


Iran Feed Industry Fact

Iran Feed Industry Fact

According to the Agna Broadcast News, Peyman Zolfagharian, an expert on Feedstuffs Market Research has prepared a note for Iranian Agriculture News about poultry and fish feed factories activities and challenges in this area. This report is an overview of the field and evaluates the various aspects of this topic
Over the years, the country’s economy on a path to sustainable growth and improving the standard of living of the people has made significant achievements and progress. Such as infrastructure development and urban infrastructure, railways, roads, ports, airports, dams and irrigation networks, telecommunications, power transmission and distribution networks, universities and research and educational centers development, Promote public health and life expectancy, development of intermediate industries such as petrochemicals, steel and basic metals and…. existence of considerable potential in the industrial machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, proper capital reserve in construction and technical services, a large number of research and development, existence of industrial hardware and software capacity, massive investment made in the development of Agro-industry, the existence of industry and capacity created in the oil and gas and mines industries, is only a sample of these achievements
Despite these achievements should not be forgotten that the economies of oil-rich countries in terms of foreign currency income depends on oil production and exports. Due to oil price fluctuations, replacement of non-oil export policy is being considered more than ever to provide the hard currency needed Oil-dependent economies. What is important in this regard, Strategic Management in Capital & Human resources in production and planning and organizing the factors of production in order to produce more commodity and services with higher quality and the possibility of after sell service in global markets. In addition, marketing of manufactured commodity is also important. Of course, to compete with global competitors, protection policies of non-oil exports should be adopted
One of these tools that support international product introductions and considered as an export support factor, is effective advertising and marketing commodity and services in the exhibitions

Exhibitions are multi-dimensional event that they have social and cultural effects in international trade. In Iran, one of the strategies of Economic Strength is to converse of production to the export jumps which is an example of the making Better of  national economy Factor

An efficient and effective tool for realization of export mutation is to use spaces that provide direct contact between the supplier and the applicant of commodity and services. Exhibitions activities leading to the dynamics of the various sectors of the economy through technological point of view provides commercial relations. If the pattern of economic interactions in the exhibition is taken into consideration, as a result, achieving growth and sustainable development will be provided. Marketing experts believe that commercial success in numerous exhibitions include such increase sales, attract new customers, increase information about new products and competitors and also earning reputation. It should be noted that in addition to the commercial role of exhibition, it can enhance the level of information and general knowledge, scientific and technical information of visitors
According to estimates of the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) ,World commercial feed production has been grown 40 percent over the last 20 years, so that in 2015 nearly one billion tons of animal feed has produced in the world. Currently, about 84 producers work with a capacity of more than one million tons per year. Asia and the Pacific region in 2012 were in the first place and more than a quarter of their production is in relation to poultry industry
First Feed manufacturing plant in Iran was put into operation in the 1950, which was simultaneous with the start of industrial of Animal Husbandry in Iran
According to the 1980 seminar, in 1976, twenty Factory were produced more than 1.2 million tons of animal feed industrial products. The growth of Feed industries of the country increased after the 1979 Revolution with considerable speed. According to the relevant authorities in 2014 about 8 million tons industrial feed has been produced, which of this amount 60% of feed were for the Dairy & Sheep & Beef sector and 40% were for poultry and aquaculture. The Dairy & Beef  feed production, was 70 percent in pellet form and 30 percent in the form of powder, and for poultry, feed production was 91 percent pellet production. In 2014 average export price per kilo of Different animal feed, has been equivalent to 55 cents (US$) in the average
The country in terms of animal husbandry and animal production, has many relative advantages, so that almost all invaluable livestock are breeding and keeping in Iran. Animal husbandry areas are one of the most important economic sectors, and its role in the field of food and protein needs supply of the country and its strategic importance in maintaining national sovereignty is noteworthy. In this regard, statistics show 11 percent share of agriculture in Iran GDP. Also the livestock industry because of the extension is high in employment. Iran Feed industry with a history of more than half a century of industrial activity, has a special place in the creation of value-added in agricultural industry processing chain. Export figures of official sources in the animal feed industry show exports of Feedstuffs has been growth over the five-fold during 1390 to 1394
Now in the case of facilitating of exports process of Feed Industry products, there is a clear horizon to increase export capacity with using the temporary entry of raw materials and agricultural residues internal processing for re-export the products with value-added will be possible

Iran Feed Industry Fact

Solutions that improve the ability to export Feed industries are, as follows
*Reduce paperwork and issue a certificate of origin
*- Enhance the credibility of green leaf to exporting the product and creating the possibility of the carry-stage product.
*- Failure to obtain the cumulative tariff from raw materials sourced from the open market
*- Failure to obtain export duties on raw materials of non-subsidized animal feed
*- Creating of appropriate infrastructure on the border output (Storage)
*- Considering the working hours and specially holidays

 *- Facilitating of participation in international exhibitions at home and abroad

Iran Feed Industry Fact ,  Iran Feed Industry Fact
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Iran Feed Industry Fact According to the Agna Broadcast News, Peyman Zolfagharian , an expert on Feedstuffs Market Research has

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