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Advanced Canola Meal


Advanced Canola Meal

Dow AgroSciences Company committed to increasing crop productivity through higher yields, better varieties, and more targeted pest management control

Dow AgroSciences’ new advanced canola meal, announced today at the Canola Council of Canada’s 49th Annual Convention in San Diego. ProPound™ advanced canola meal is an innovative, cost-effective replacement for soybean meal in poultry and swine diets, helping to expand markets for canola

In poultry and swine production, soybean meal is typically the primary protein meal because of its profile of high protein and energy, and lower fiber content

ProPound offers the feed meal industry a new alternative that provides high protein and energy, comparable to soybean meal, and low fiber content, making it a great addition to a poultry or swine diet

ProPound offers a higher level of protein content than conventional canola meal, ranging from 43 to 46 percent, with an average protein level of 44 percent as fed basis with 89 percent dry matter. The amino acid content of ProPound is higher than conventional canola meal but with the same overall amino acid balance. In other words, the content of amino acids as a percentage of protein does not change. For example, lysine content is 5.6 percent of crude protein in both conventional canola meal and ProPound. ProPound is a good source of methionine plus cysteine compared to soybean meal. The digestibility (TAAA) of amino acids in ProPound is slightly higher than in conventional canola meal. This is mainly related to the lower fiber content and perhaps reduced tannin content compared to conventional canola meal

Source -Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc

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Canola Meal
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Dow AgroSciences’ new advanced canola meal, announced today at the Canola Council of Canada’s 49th Annual Convention in San Diego

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