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About ParsaPajohesh Arian

ParsaPajohesh Arian institute is one of the consultant organizations activated in agribusiness information technology with intensive co-operation between marketing and research departments. Our organization members are experts in Animal Science and Agriculture Economics with more than fifteen years of experience. The institute tries to improve the efficiency and productivity in industrial process’ developing market and launch new product. Delegation teamwork and communication are the means that make it happen.

Introducing new products line and the latest technology are the main programs developed on the basis of extensive research. It means our customers can obtain the best performance possible through the use of our service certainly.

The most important goals of our institute are as follows:

  •  Performing research and cultural projects.
  • Contacting with Iranian and international information and research centers.
  • Translation and writing articles, texts and books in foreign languages.
  • Publishing the specialized books to any language.
  • Making specialized session associations and conferences, seminars, tours and international exhibitions.
  • Advertising in different ways.
  • Using the computer new technology to represent the cultural and scientific achievements.


ParsaPajohesh team hopes to be an innovator and well known for the services.

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